New Single : Good Karma (Jakub & Dawid Video) – Roxette

Roxette fans Jakub & Dawid are just married. The Gay Couple gets famous because their gay tribute to their favorite band Roxette and Per Gessle support the guys. They made a new honeymoon trip video with the track “Good Karma” and Roxette comments “It’s brilliant and shared it again with their fans”.

Let’s spread (their) “Neverending love”, “From A Distance”!

Greatest Hits.


New Album : En Vacker Natt – Per Gessle

Per Gessle’s latest Single with Lars Winnerbäck is “Småstadsprat”. Today this is one of the tracks on the New Album “En Vacker Natt”.

“En Vacker Natt” contains 9 tracks and also collaborations with Helena Josefsson (“Första Pris”) and ends with the only english track “Far Too Close”.

My Best Of Per Gessle.

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