New Boxset : News Of The World (Super Deluxe) – Queen

Queen will re-release their “News of The World” Album in a Deluxe edition featuring “Raw Sessions” with an alternative version of their original Album. Let’s celebrate the 40th Anniversary.

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News of the World: 40th Anniversary Super Deluxe 11/24/2017

New Boxset : Freddie Mercury: Messenger of the Gods — The Singles

A boxset of all 13 Freddie Mercury solo singles is to be released on 2 September, to mark what would have been the late Queen frontman’s 70th birthday.

Freddie Mercury: Messenger Of The Gods – The Singles tracklisting

01. I Can Hear Music – Larry Lurex (1973)
02. Goin’ Back – Larry Lurex
03. Love Kills (1984)
04. Rotwang’s Party (Robot Dance)
05. I Was Born To Love You (1985)
06. Stop All The Fighting
07. Mad in Heaven [Single Remix] (1985)
08. She Blows Hot and Cold
09. Living On My Own [Single Edit] (1985)
10. My Love is Dangerous
11. Love Me Like There’s No Tomorrow (1985)
12. Let’s Turn It On
13. Time (1986)
14. Time [Instrumental]
15. The Great Pretender (1987)
16. Exercises in Free Love [Freddie’s Vocal]
17. Barcelona [Single Version] (1987)
18. Exercises in Free Love [Monserrat’s Vocal]
19. The Golden Boy [Single Edit] (1988)
20. The Fallen Priest [B-Side Edit]
21. How Can I Go On [Single Version] (1989)
22. Overture Piccante
23. In My Defence (1992)
24. Love Kills [Wolf Euro Mix]
25. Living On My Own [No More Brothers Radio Mix] (1993)
26. Living On My Own [Julian Raymond Album Mix]

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Freddie Mercury: Messenger of the Gods — The Singles 09/02/2016

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