BREAKING NEWS : Tommy Page (46) RIP

Nineties popstar Tommy Page commits suicide this friday, just a few days after Amsterdam gets a store with his name.

He becomes famous with his Single “I’ll Be Your Everything” (co-wrote the track with NKOTB-stars Jordan Knight and Danny Wood), which become number 1 in 1990. After his Smash Hit, he becamse a Record Company executve, Billboard Magazine publisher, vice president at Pandora and an executive at The Village Voice.

Wonderchild Page was an executive at Warner Bros. Records, where he support Michael Buble, Alanis Morissette, Josh Groban and Green Day with their career.

In 2015 he gets back to the music with “I Break Down”.

In the official statement, the Voice said: “Our thoughts are with his partner, their three children, and the rest of his family and close circle of friends. Tommy will be missed.”

NKOTB, Debbie Gibson, Tiffany and Martika wrote a beautiful Tweet in loving memory of their friend. Tiffany was the lucky one which sang a duet together with Tommy on a Promotional Single “Close Our Eyes” in 1995.

(read: @NKOTB, @DebbieGibson, @TiffanyTunes,@MartikaTunes)

Remember Tommy, and listen to his beautiful heritage at “My Best Of Tommy Page”.

Tommy Page R.I.P.

My Best Of Tommy Page.

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(original version of “I Break Down” and the hit “I’ll Be Your Everything” on the Album “Paintings In My Mind”)

Paintings In My Mind

Breaking News : George Michael Passed Away (53)

Earlier this year I made the decision to only post positive things as that is what “Magic” means. So no news about catfights, scandals or other sad news.

George Michael.. is just an exception. The man behind the most beautiful Christmas song in history “Last Christmas” passed away during his “Last Christmas” at age 53.

Let’s celebrate his life and play “Last Christmas” to gave him a warm welcome in heaven!

Lots of new things where coming up. A Documentary, A New Album and people where hoping that Wham! will be reunited, but that though needs to change into the memories and the memories will always stays alive!

Today George Michael saw the “White Light”, one of his last Singles that was “Amazing”.

My Best Of George Michael

My Best Of Wham!

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Listen Without Prejudice / MTV Unplugged (2-CD Remastered) 03/03/2017

White Light 07/03/2012

BREAKING NEWS : Prince Rogers Nelson RIP

There were rumours about Prince health condition the last couple of days. He was rushed to the hospital after a plane crash and was in critical situation was the rumour, but some days later he was doing fine and was at home.

Today he died in his Paisley Park.

The story about the plane crash has changed a bit. The plane needs to go down after Prince did not felt well and needs to go to the Hospital in a rush. The reason was the flu.

Prince Rogers Nelson (57) R.I.P.

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BREAKING NEWS : David Bowie (69) R.I.P.

After a battle of 18 months. David Bowie’s secret has revealed. He had Liver Cancer and died today. Should the title of his New Album “Black Star” has something to do with this? The title suggest this maybe.

Listen 2 David Bowie – Discography – Spotify – Playlist.

For more blogs about David Bowie, check the “Search engine”

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BREAKING NEWS : Natalie Cole (65) R.I.P.

Natalie Cole has died and was recently cancelled her February concert due to Health issues. She was suffering from Liver disease in 2008. Gets an transplantation and battled with Hepatitis C, for which she underwent Chemo Therapy.

The daughter of Nat King Cole has a very successfull Album “Unforgettable: With Love”

Natalie Cole, will always be “Unforgettable”, Rest in peace!

Listen 2 Natalie Cole – Discography – Spotify – Playlist.


Unforgettable: With Love

Still Unforgettable

The Natalie Cole Collection

BREAKING NEWS : Guru Josh (51) R.I.P.

The Rave-singer Guru Josh (51) who got a Smash Hit in the Nineties called “Infinity” passed away.

His last Single is “Ray Of Sunshine”, released in 2013.

Paul Walden (his real name) dead in Ibiza and the reason for his death is unclear. He died last Monday according to his agent Sharron Elkabas.

Listen 2 Guru Josh – Discography – Spotify – Playlist.

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Infinity (1990) / Vinyl single

Infinity – MC 05/31/1990

Infinity (3 versions, 1990)

Infinity Remix – Vinyl 1990

Infinity – Album 1990

Infinity LP (Vinyl Album) German De Construction 1990

Infinity – LP 1994

Infinity 2008: The Remixes
Guru Josh Project 12/12/2008

Infinity 2008 Pt. 1 [Vinyl]

Infinity 2008 Pt. 2 [Vinyl]

Infinity 2008 Single, Import Edition by Guru Josh Project (2008) Audio CD

Let me Know (Infinity) – Copycatz presents P.Six vs Guru Josh Project 05/31/2009

Guru Josh & DJ Igor Blaska 03/16/2010

Eternity Remix – Guru Josh & DJ Igor Blaska

Love Of Life – The Fusion & Dima June Radio Mix – Single 03/27/2011

Love of Life – EP 03/28/2011

Frozen Teardrops – Guru Josh & Lauren Rose CDSingle 11/11/2012


Infinity 2012

Infinity 2012 – CDsingle

Ray Of Sunshine 07/22/2013

Breaking News: Lemmy (70) R.I.P. / New Single : When The Sky Comes Looking For You – Motorhead

The New Single by Motorhead “When The Sky Comes Looking For You” is out!

Single is available at “Bad Magic”, the Album and how strange can a title be as Lemmy passed away at age 70 (his last Birthday was at Christmas December 24th and 26th he diagnosed aggressive cancer. Expectation was 2 months living further, but 2 days later he was death, after the drummer died last month)!

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Bad Magic 08/28/2015



Bad Magic (Ecolbook Edition) – Limited UK/European Edition

Bad Magic (LP+CD) – Limited European/UK Edition

Bad Magic (LP Vinyl) – European/UK Edition

Ps.: 8 minutes after this post the band official statement on Facebook was published :

Facebook : Motorhead (29-12-2015)

BREAKING NEWS : Countrystar Joey Feek Close To Death

Joey Feek, just 40 years old and in a battle of terminal cancer is saying today “I pray that one morning I just don’t wake up”

The religious star gave her hands to God and is waiting for her final destiny in a Hospice since last week, surrounded by her husband and their daughter Indiana, just 20 months. Heartbreaking!

Since May 2014 Joey is battling with Cervical Cancer and underwent a Radical Hysterectomy. At the end her tumors grew back and the aggressive treatment does not worked out the right way. In October the Medicial team of her thought she has 6 months to live, but unfortunately she won’t make it.

The love couple is active in the Country-scene since 2008 and released seven Albums and ten Singles. the latest one is “Gotta Go Back” in 2013.

To support the family, let’s make “When I’m Gone” number one!

Listen 2 Joey + Rory – Discography – Spotify – Playlist

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The Life of a Song October 28, 2008

Album Number Two September 14, 2010

A Farmhouse Christmas October 11, 2011

His and Hers July 31, 2012

Inspired: Songs of Faith & Family July 16, 2013

Made to Last October 8, 2013

Country Classics: A Tapestry of Our Musical Heritage May 2014

BREAKING NEWS : Diane Charlemagne ( Urban Cookie Collective ) R.I.P.

Urban Cookie Collective-star Diane Charlemagne has died surrounded by friends and family because of Cancer.

Last November 20th she released her last Single “It’s In Your Eyes”

We always remember her as the Urban Cookie Collective -frontwoman with “The Key, The Secret” (1993)

Diane Charlemagne (51) R.I.P.

Listen 2 Urban Cookie Collective – Discography – Spotify Playlist.

Listen 2 Diane Charlemagne – Discography – Spotify Playlist.

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The Very Best Of (CD)

The Very Best Of (CD/DVD)

The Very Best Of (MP3) 10/11/2004

It’s In Your Eyes – Diane Charlemagne & Andy Rourke

BREAKING NEWS : Jim Diamond ( Ph.D. ) (64) RIP

According to “The Diamond Family” of Ph.D.-front figure Jim Diamond, he passed away in his sleep last Thursday October 8th, 2015.

His beloved ones send a message to all of you “Put on your favourite song today and have a think about him, as as well as being an incredible singer, he was an incredible man and we feel so lucky to have had him in our lives”

Jim Diamond was The Voice of my Ultimate Magic Music Song in History “I Won’t Let You Down”

The Legendary “I Won’t Let You Down”, has been covered several times, like in 1992 by 2 Boys (Eurodance-act).

Jim released 17 Solo Singles, the last on was in 2011 “Morning Glory” from his last 11th Album “City Of Soul”

Official Website :

Jim Diamond 28 September 1953 – 08 October 2015, Glasgow R.I.P.

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City Of Soul – Album 2011

Blue Shoes – Album 05/30/2005

Souled and Healed – Album 03/14/2005

When You Turn – EP 01/17/2005

Best of Jim Diamond 1999

Sugarolly Days – Album 1994

Jim Diamond – Album 1993

Jim Diamond – Vinyl – Album 1988

Double Crossed – Album 1985

Three – MP3 – Album 2009

Three – CD – Album 2009

Is It Safe? – Ph.D. – CD – Album 1983

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