New Single : Up In A Puff Of Smoke – Linda Martin

Energise is fantastic with all those great tunes. It’s time for their first 2018 release “Up In A Puff Of Smoke” by Linda Martin, featuring remixes by Matt Pop, Stormby and Pete Ware.

Preorder the New Single in 4 days time!

Until then enjoy her latest Single “Won’t Stop”.

Greatest Hits.


Up In A Puff Of Smoke – Single 01/11/2018

Won’t Stop – Single 07/10/2017

New Single : Where Is Love – Mel & Kim

One of the most magic acts of the eighties Mel & Kim are back… Their Music LIVES on with “Where Is Love”. Preorder the New Single in different formats on PledgeMusic like a Deluxe Book Edition.

Next month we are a “Dancing Nation” on february 23rd when the single is out!

Greatest Hits


Where Is Love – Single 02/23/2017

F.L.M. (Deluxe Edition)

New Single : Sweet Dreams 2017 – La Bouche

Lane McCray is still into his “Sweet Dreams”. After his Single “Dreamer”, he returns with La Bouche and a new female vocalist called Zsófi Farkas and relive the nineties with “Sweet Dreams 2017”. A collaboration with DJane Monique.

Single got Remixed by Damien Hall and his father StoneBridge.Released on the day that Melanie Thornton passed away. Original singer was “Ready To Fly” in 2001.

Greatest Hits (Lane McCray).

Greatest Hits (La Bouche).


Dreamer – Single 08/09/2017

Sweet Dreams 2017 – Single

Sweet Dreams 2017 (Remixes) 11/24/2017

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