BREAKING NEWS : Avicci / Tim Bergling commit suicide

DJ Avicci (most famous songs: Levels & Wake Me Up) has not died because his alcohol issues, but he commit suicide last week.

The family released a statement to explain his decision.

Our beloved Tim was a seeker, a fragile artistic soul searching for answers to existential questions. An over-achieving perfectionist who travelled and worked hard at a pace that led to extreme stress.

When he stopped touring, he wanted to find a balance in life to be happy and be able to do what he loved most – music.

He really struggled with thoughts about Meaning, Life, Happiness. He could not go on any longer.

He wanted to find peace. Tim was not made for the business machine he found himself in; he was a sensitive guy who loved his fans but shunned the spotlight.

Tim, you will forever be loved and sadly missed. The person you were and your music will keep your memory alive.

We love you, Your family.

Enjoy his farewell single “Lonely Together” with Rita Ora.

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New Album : On a Tous Quelque Chose De Johnny / BREAKING NEWS : Johnny Hallyday (74) RIP

Photo: source unknown

The biggest french popstar in history has passed away, just after the release of his New Album “On A Tour Quelque Chose De Johnny”. Father of the amazing singer David Hallyday, Johnny Hallyday died at the age of 74 at his home and lost his battle against lungcancer.

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On a Tous Quelque Chose De Johnny 12/01/2017

Best Of

Triple Best of Johnny Hallyday

Anthologie 1985/1997

Breaking News : Fats Domino (89) RIP

Fats Domino (89) has passed away. Celebrate his life with his “Greatest Hits” and buy his latest Album “Imperial Singles Collection”.

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Imperial Singles Collection – Fats Domino 04/28/2017

Breaking News : Tom Petty (66) RIP

Credits: Conrad Meyer»PHOTOS: Tom Petty – Red Rocks – 05/30/2017

Tom Petty’s heart quits, but his music will gets him alive. Celebrate his life and enjoy his Greatest Hits.

Shortly before his dead. Tom Petty wrote on his Facebook “Thanks to everyone for supporting us for the last 40 years! Without YOU, there’d be no US! Now it’s time for a nap #TPHB40”


Greatest Hits

Breaking News : Troy Gentry (Montgomery Gentry) (50) RIP

Trpy Gentry, 50 % of Countryduo Montgomery Gentry has died due to a helicopter crash.

Troy had success since 1999 like “Roll With It” (2008) and his latest Single was “Jack In My Coke” with The Lacs.

Troy Gentry (50) RIP

My Best Of Montgomery Gentry.


Playlist: The Very Best Of Montgomery Gentry

Something to Be Proud Of: The Best of 1999-2005

BREAKING NEWS : Chris Cornell (Soundgarden / Audioslave) RIP

According to the Swedish MSN has the amazing Soundgarden / Audioslave singer Chris Cornell passed away at age 52.

Yesterday he gave a concert in Detroit and passed away afterwards. Take a look to a fanmade video of that legendary magic moment that will go viral for sure.

My Best Of Chris Cornell.

My Best Of Audioslave.

My Best Of Soundgraden.

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Superunknown (20th Anniversary)

Breaking News : Robert Miles (47) R.I.P.

Robert Miles lost his health battle and died at the age of 47. He become famous with his “Children” in the nineties, a track from his Album “Dreamland”.

Later he works with singers Maria Nayler & Kathy Sledge for the Singles “One And One” and “Freedom”.

After his breakthrough he starts his own radio station “Open Lab”.

Robert Miles (47) Rest In Peace.

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Dreamland (Deluxe).

BREAKING NEWS : Tommy Page (46) RIP

Nineties popstar Tommy Page commits suicide this friday, just a few days after Amsterdam gets a store with his name.

He becomes famous with his Single “I’ll Be Your Everything” (co-wrote the track with NKOTB-stars Jordan Knight and Danny Wood), which become number 1 in 1990. After his Smash Hit, he becamse a Record Company executve, Billboard Magazine publisher, vice president at Pandora and an executive at The Village Voice.

Wonderchild Page was an executive at Warner Bros. Records, where he support Michael Buble, Alanis Morissette, Josh Groban and Green Day with their career.

In 2015 he gets back to the music with “I Break Down”.

In the official statement, the Voice said: “Our thoughts are with his partner, their three children, and the rest of his family and close circle of friends. Tommy will be missed.”

NKOTB, Debbie Gibson, Tiffany and Martika wrote a beautiful Tweet in loving memory of their friend. Tiffany was the lucky one which sang a duet together with Tommy on a Promotional Single “Close Our Eyes” in 1995.

(read: @NKOTB, @DebbieGibson, @TiffanyTunes,@MartikaTunes)

Remember Tommy, and listen to his beautiful heritage at “My Best Of Tommy Page”.

Tommy Page R.I.P.

My Best Of Tommy Page.

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(original version of “I Break Down” and the hit “I’ll Be Your Everything” on the Album “Paintings In My Mind”)

Paintings In My Mind

New Single : Megamix – Kaoma / Breaking News : Loalwa Braz RIP

The last Single of Kaoma was released a month ago before Loalwa Braz passed away today after two men has killed her in her hotel and set her on fire in her own car. One of the killers is a former stafmember. The world is in shock and can’t believe that “Megamix” contains “Lambada”, Pariso” and “Funk Arioca” is the bitter end of a life that gaves so many people a positive summer feeling.

My Best Of KAOMA

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Megamix – Single 12/06/2016

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