New Single : Colors – Roxen

Romanian Roxen’s “Colors” was the missing song in the preselection tracks for Eurovision Songcontest. Today she released it anyway.

Have you already heard the winning song? This is “Alcohol You”.



MAGIC SPECIAL : Final Eurovision Songcontest 2016 / Matt Simons Versus Frans / Eurovision Albums And More

This is the list of participants, who tries to be Eurovision Songcontest Winner 2016.

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01) What’s The Pressure – Laura Tesoro (Belgium)

02) I Stand – Gabriela Gunčíková (Czech Republic)


03) Slow Down – Douwe Bob (Holland)

04) Miracle – Samra (Azerbaijan)

05) Pioneer – Freddie (Hungary)

06) No Degree Of Seperation – Francesca Michielin (Italy)

07) Made Of Stars – Hovi Star (Israel)

08) If Love Was A Crime – Poli Genova (Bulgaria)

09) If I Were Sorry – Frans (Sweden)

Catch & Release – Matt Simons

10) Ghost – Jamie-Lee (Germany)



Berlin – Album (CD)

11) J’ai Cherché – Amir (France)

Au cœur de moi – Album

12) Color Of Your Life – Michał Szpak (Poland)

Byle Byc Soba – Album



13) Sound Of Silence – Dami Im (Australia)


Sound of Silence


14) Alter Ego – Minus One (Cyprus)

15) Goodbye (Shelter) Sanja Vučić ZAA (Serbia)

16) I’ve Been Waiting for This Night – Donny Montell (Lithuania)


#Blck – Album

17) Lighthouse – Nina Kraljić (Croatia)

18) You Are The Only One – Sergey Lazarev (Russia)

18) Say Yay! – Barei (Spain)

Throw The Dice – Album

20) Heartbeats – Justs (Latvia)


21) 1944 – Jamala (Ukraine)


22) Walk On Water – Ira Losco (Malta)

23) Midnight Cold – Nika Kocharov and Young Georgian Lolitaz (Georgia)

24) Loin d’ici – Zoë (Austria)

Debut (Deluxe) – Album



25) You’re Not Alone – Joe & Jake (United Kingdom)

(Cahill Club Mix)

26) LoveWave – Mukuchyan (Armenia)

My Predictions is:

06)The Netherlands;
17)United Kingdom;
24)Czech Republic;

Will tonight have a better interval than this incredible “Grey People”during the first show?

Romania could not pay the Eurovision Invoice, so here is a “Moment of Silence”, performed by Ovidiu Anto.

Listen 2 Eurovision Songcontest 2016 – Spotify – Playlist.

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BREAKING NEWS : Heartbreaking Love For Romania / New Single : Gabriels Oboe / New Album : Roman Holiday – Andre Rieu

Lately I was in a very frustrated mood, I even spoke about it yesterday. Companies misuse other people or animals tragedies to get money with a commercial concept. In public trying to be a hero and behind the story counting money. I have seen it a couple of times in my hometown and in Amsterdam, so I am very honoured to tell you that not everyone is like that. Look at the Amazing Andre Rieu!

Nine days ago a fire in Nightclub Colectiv become a nightmare during a show of a Rockband because the fireworkact failed. 41 people died and 100 people are laying in different hospitals.

Last Friday Andre Rieu released his New Single “Gabriels Oboe”, the track from the Album “Roman Holiday” together with the Johann Strauss Orchestra that all money of the DVD will gave away to the Romanian families.

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Roman Holiday – CD 11/27/2015

Roman Holiday – CD 11/20/2015

Roman Holiday – Vinyl

Roman Holiday

New Single: Minim Doi – Alex Velea

Alex Velea got a new summerfeeling single “Minim Doi” and yes we need that summerfeeling so much!

For most of us this is brandnew, but honesty this is just a re-release from 2012! Great discovery anyway and it is it all worth to give it a second change!

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New Album: Unforgettable Duets / Breaking News: Breast Cancer Annie Schilder – Jan & Anny

I have said lots of times in my life “Why does the most special persons Always get cancer?”. This week Annie Schilder will start her chemo cure against breast cancer, while her album with Jan Keizer “Unforgettable Duets” will release.

Very strange that while I was planning to write about that, the news arrived around Annie! You can preorder the album right here, right now including their great single “Felicita” and “Drumurile Noastre” with Dan Spătaru, a legend from Romania!


Unforgettable Duets – Jan & Anny 10/10/2014

BUY @ MAGIC MUSIC MAGAZINE: New Album: A Bit Of Pop Don’t Hurt Anyone – Ovi ( Review )

Just after the Eurovision Songcontest 2014, Ovi released his new album “A Bit Of Pop Don’t Hurt Anyone”, features the amazing duet with Paula Seling “Miracle” as the first track.

Romania is not only Inna as the worldwide popstar, Paula & Ovi are amazing. Paula sang on 5 tracks of this 9 Track album, including his own version of the song he wrote together with Phillip Halloun (appears on the great track “Girls”), Simen Eriksrud and Cecilie Harboe for the best musicact in Belgium history 2 Fabiola “She’s After The Piano”. They compete at the Belgium pre-selection of Eurovision “Eurosong”. They lost, but had such an big positive exposure that 2 Fabiola is very hot after a long while (even they had still fantastic tracks)

The version with Paula Seling is amazing as well and it has an own touch. My favorite version is the one with 2 Fabiola, but I can’t change my huge fanheart that beats non-stop since 1996 ;-).

According to the performance of Ovi & Paula during the Eurovision (they ends at the 10th position), it seems to be that the Dutch press were amazed by Paula her voice, but not the one of Ovi, but I can say that his solotracks are well done. Especially “One Day”.

Ovidiu ‘Ovi’ Jacobsen and Paula Seling ends this album with an “Acoustic Version” of their “Miracle”.


A Bit Of Pop Dón’t Hurt Anyone 05/05/2014

Miracle – Single

Miracle – Make Your Own Remix Kit

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