New Single : Good Karma (Jakub & Dawid Video) – Roxette

Roxette fans Jakub & Dawid are just married. The Gay Couple gets famous because their gay tribute to their favorite band Roxette and Per Gessle support the guys. They made a new honeymoon trip video with the track “Good Karma” and Roxette comments “It’s brilliant and shared it again with their fans”.

Let’s spread (their) “Neverending love”, “From A Distance”!

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New Album : En Vacker Natt – Per Gessle

Per Gessle’s latest Single with Lars Winnerbäck is “Småstadsprat”. Today this is one of the tracks on the New Album “En Vacker Natt”.

“En Vacker Natt” contains 9 tracks and also collaborations with Helena Josefsson (“Första Pris”) and ends with the only english track “Far Too Close”.

My Best Of Per Gessle.

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New Single : Risk It / It Must Have Been Love / New Album : The Secret Daughter – Jessica Mauboy

“The Secret Daughter (Songs from the Original TV Series)” will be out October 7th, 2016 featuring a Roxette Cover by Jessica Mauboy”It Must Have Been Love”.

Also the Single ‘RIsk It” will be on.

Listen 2 Jessica Mauboy – Discography – Spotify – Playlist.

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The Secret Daughter (Songs from the Original TV Series) – Album

BREAKING NEWS : Roxette Popstar Per Gessle Made Gay Couple Fanvideo Famous

Not a typical Fanvideo is what you need to made if you want to impress your idol. Mission succeed for the boys Jakub Mycek and his boyfriend David.

Per put the Gayvideo on the Roxette official website and the boysget “Some Other Summer” and gets famous with their tribute the latest Roxette Single “Some Other Summer”.

Roxette, Some Other Summer, Fanvideo, Gayvideo, Gay friends

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Some Other Summer EP 06/17/2016

BREAKING NEWS : Message From Marie (Roxette)

To all the Roxette fans, Marie send a message through the Official Website according her drastic end of Roxette as a live-act.

Message from Marie
I am so touched by your thoughts, your words and your endless love that you have shared since the cancelling of Roxette’s summer tour was announced. Eventually all good things must come to an end, and though I love being on stage, meeting our fans, I don’t have the strength for the touring life any more. It’s as simple as that.
Per and I now look forward to the release of our new album “Good Karma”. We really love it – hope you will too!
Love from Marie.

More information:

Listen 2 Roxette – Discography – Spotify – Playlist.

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Good Karma – Album 06/03/2016

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