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Melodifestivalen-participant of 2010 ( with the african popsong “Yeba” ) Getty Domein and American Idol-participant of 2011 Chris Medina ( who got the highest position in the charts of Sweden and Norway with his debutsingle “What Are Words” ) has an incredible collaboration called “Here Comes The Flood” , Written by Getty Domein,Susie Päivärinta (famous as part of the swedish popgroup Lili & Susie) and Nestor Geli.

Here Comes The Flood - Getty Demein Featuring Chris Medina (06-01-2014)

The song “Here Comes The Flood” is a beautiful message to the world to take care of each other.

The videoclip ends with those touching words:

“In the Congo, a new-born baby in a basket, abandoned and left to it’s fate, floated down the Congo River. An innocent victim of poverty, AIDS or hopelessness, without anyone wanting to take responsibility. This song is maybe this child’s silent cry for compassion”

Please support this song as Getty Domein will donate money to Denis Mukwege. Mukwege  is the founder and medical director of Panzi Hospital in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Chris Medina will donate a part to , a founded by the Swedish Queen Silvia Sommerlath.

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We work to prevent violence and sexual abuse of children

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Here Comes the Flood


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