New Single : Beautiful / Stand In The Light / Angel / New Album : Something Beautiful – Jordan Smith

“Something Beautiful” is the New Album by Jordan Smith, which is famous as The Voice 2016 winner and is the 2nd one this year, featuring the New Single “Stand In The Light”.

The Single “Angel”, which is originally done by Sarah McLachlan.

Christina Aguilera’s “Beautiful” is covered in a “Beautiful” way as well.

Listen 2 Jordan Smith – Discography – Spotify – Playlist.

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Complete Season 9 Collection – Album 01/15/2016

Something Beautiful – Album 03/18/2016

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In 2010 Sarah Mclachlan released the album “Laws Of Illusion” and afterwards the singer with the “Angel” voice became “Silence” and was “Building A Mystery” what she was up to. Now it is time to “Shine On” once again with an incredible album, she does not shine less than before and the inspiration was the passing of her father, so that makes the album magical, beautiful and breakable!

The vibe is so amazing, like she never dissapeared with incredible masterpieces as “In Your Shoes”, “Monsters” and “Song For My Father”. 11 beautiful pure songs and if you desire for more. The Deluxe Edition has “What It Gonna Take” and “Little B” as a bonus track. You can download them seperate right below

What’s It Gonna Take

Little B

“Beautiful Girl” Sarah McLachlan did it again. She bewitched the world again with “The Sound That Love Makes”!

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