New Single : Hazard (Richard Marx) / Human (The Killers) / New Album : Swing For The 90s – Sean Smith

Sean Smith released a fantastic cover of Richard Marx hit “Hazard” back in the nineties (1991).

Besides “Hazard”, he also released “Human” (famous by The Killers) from his “Solo” Album remixed by Matt Pop, David Harry Teles and James Blair.

Preorder his New Album “Swing For The 90s” and be prepared for some classics in a Jazzy blender of Spice Girls, Savage Garden, Michelle Gayle, Vengaboys, Haddaway, Steps and more.


Hazard / Human – EP March 22, 2021

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Swing For The 90s – Album April 16, 2021.

NEW SINGLE: Wrecking Ball – Darren Hayes (Savage Garden)

… no this is not the next cover of Miley Cyrus worldwide breakthrough hit of last year!

“Wrecking Ball” is an ultimate uptempo song, to wake you up at this sunday morning.

Really amazing and included a beautiful ballad as a B-side. It is actually the demo version of “The Sweetest Lullaby”, but it does not sounds like an demo and could be an A-side for sure as well.

Spotify Wrecking Ball - Darren Hayes (09-02-2014)

For more information (nothing about his single yet) :