New Album: Christmas, The Birth of Love – Gerard Joling

One of the most beloved Dutch artists Gerard Joling who appears at Eurovision Songcontest with “Shangri-La” in the eighties and become big in Asia, say goodbye to the Dutch spoken music for christmas. Just one week to go and his “Christmas, The birth Of Love” will be released featuring 12 tracks like “The Birth Of Love” and “Winter Is The Warmest Time O’Year”.

I think lots of people will like this upcoming CD and not only The Netherlands and Belgium and if you can’t wait, below you find former Christmas related items by Gerald.

05/12: The new Videoclip “Winter Is The Warmest Time O’Year” featuring Patty Brard, Patricia Paay, Hans Klok, Yes-R, Danny De Munk, Tim Douwsma, Andy & Melissa van der Meijde.


Christmas – The Birth of Love – Gerard Joling 11/27/2014

A Magic Christmas – Gerard Joling 11/28/2002


Merry Christmas 01/04/2011 (Strange release date to release it after Christmas, so guess this is not true 😉 )

Christmas With Gerard Joling


White Christmas – Gerard Joling – CD 11/07/1997

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