BREAKING NEWS : Usher Goes Nude Again / New Album : Flawed – Usher

R&B star Usher was all over Social Media the last couple of days. The singer promote himself very easily. Just post some “steamy” nude pictures through Snapchat and the news spread around all over the globe.

Some female celebrities use their boobs to get in the news, so why can’t do male celebrities the same?

Usher shows his bulge for the first time in 2003.

Is this a scream to seduce people to listen to his music? If so describe yourself at my Usher – Spotify – Discography – Playlist.

His New Album “Flawed” is coming up soon, featuring his duet with Zayn Malik “Back To Sleep”, “Freak” with Ty Dolla Sign and according to his pants 😉 “All Falls Down” with Chris Brown.

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Back To Sleep (REMIX) [feat. Usher & ZAYN] – Single 02/26/2016
Chris Brown

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