New Album : The Blue Hour – Suede

Suede is back with their New Album “The Blue Hour” featuring songs like “Dead Bird”, “Mistress” and “All The Wild Places”.

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The Blue Hour – Album 09/21/2018

New Album / Film : Night Thoughts – Suede

The best Britpop-act will be back soon. Suede will release their 7th Album “Night Thoughts” together with a film January 22th.

See the trailer to get in the mood.

This Autumn the band will play all the new Music at London’s Roundhouse on November 13 and 14 featuring

When You Are Young
No Tomorrow Side
Pale Snow
I Don’t Know How To Reach You
What I’m Trying To Tell You Side
Learning To Be
Like Kids Side
I Can’t Give Her What She Wants
When You Were Young
The Fur & The Feathers

Listen To The Suede – Discography – Spotify – Playlist.


Night Thoughts – Suede 01/22/2016

New Ep: Filmstar EP (with Pet Shop Boys) and 19 more /New Album: Live At Royal Albert Hall 2010 Pre-Order NOW

The legendary Brett Anderson has releases some material with Neil Codlin, Neil Codling, Simon Gilbert,Richard Oakes and Mat Osman.

First of all “The Re-release of the incredible EP “Filmstar”.

The EP contains “Graffiti Woman”, Duchess, live recordings of “Rent” (Pet Shop Boys) and “Saturday Night” (with Pet Shop Boys) as the other tracks.

If you want to hear more “Live”. Suede has released 22 live recordings of their concert at Royal Albert Hall in march,2010. The album will be out next week, but you can already pre-order below

This is not all, because Suede has also re-released 19 other Singles/ EP’s (some are originally in 2 pieces released. Great idea to collide it as one) “Animal Nitrate” (3 track) “Electricity”(6 track) , “Obsessions”(7 Track) , “Positivity” (7 Track), “She’s In Fashion” (6 Track), “The Wild Ones”(5 Track) “Lazy” (5 Track), Metal Mickey (3 Track), “New Generation” (3 Track), “Saturday Night” (5 Tracks) , “So Young” (3 Track) , Stay Together (4 Track), “The Drowners (3 Track), “Trash” (5 Track), “We Are The Pigs” (3 Track), “Attitude” (3 Track) , “Can’t Get Enough” (5 Track) & “Everything Will Flow” (5 Track)

That is really every single they made before they split up in 2003 for a long while.

None of them are available through AMAZON yet, but 2 mentioned are today released through ITunes.

FILMSTAR EP 05/12/2014

LIVE AT ROYAL ALBERT HALL 2010 (Audio Version) 05/19/2014

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