New Album : Dreams Come True – Polartropica

Asian-American Queer-act Polartropica has released her dreamy synth rock, fueled by stories of people, animals, world news and Wu’s experiences like the singles “In Another Life” and “Olympia” with Alexander Noice (other bandmembers are Ihui Cherise Wu, Andrew Lessman, Graham Chapman).


New Album : Supervision – La Roux

Synthpop duo La Roux consists Eleanor Jackson and Ben Langmaid in the beginning, but Elly is back on her own with their New Album “Supervision”, february 7, 2020 featuring the singles “International Woman Of Leisure” and “Gullible Fool”.



New EP : I Forget Myself – Eurotix

Swedish synthduo Eurotix has recently released their Album “Try Again – Remixed, Remade & Remodeled” featuring the song “I Forget Myself”.

At their Newsletter the band announched their next EP “I Forget Myself” for free, includes 2 brand new tracks and a Hi-NRG remake of “Will You Remember Me?”.

Preorder their upcoming release at their Bandcamp website:


New Single : West End Girls ( Pet Shop Boys Cover ) / New EP : I Only Want to Please You EP – Bright Light Bright Light & Ana Matronic

Scissor Sisters lady Ana Matronic and Bright Light Bright Light covers Pet Shop Boys “West End Girls” eighties Single.

Check the Single at My Best Of Bright Light Bright Light and preorder the track as a preorder for the upcoming New “I Only Want to Please You EP”, featuring also the title track.

My Best Of Ana Matronic


I Only Want to Please You EP 09/15/2017

New Album : Intimate Science – SirPaul

Sirpaul impressed with his Electro Music. Last year he released “Black Leather” with a (very soft gayporn) video, every gay should have seen (surprisely viewed only 3187 times in an censored version as SirPaul was too provocative for YouTube).

(and the uncensored version 😉 )

Single is available at his Album “Seventh Star” from 2013.

This year he released the track “Kiss Me, Kill Me”, available at his upcoming New Album “Intimate Science” and at Original Soundtrack from the Movie “Kiss Me, Kill Me”.

You can help him winning the Synthesize Me 2015 year-end chart, with VOTE below

Listen 2 SirPaul – Discography – Spotify – Playlist.

BUY @ AMAZON / ITUNES (Click On The Images)

Kiss Me, Kill Me (O.S.T.) – Album 09/15/2015

Black Leather (CDSingle) 08/04/2015

Seventh Star (CD)

Seventh Star (MP3)

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