New Single : Sweet Harmony – Sans Souci feat. Pearl Andersson

The Beloved are still popular with their “Sweet Harmony” from the
Conscience” Album, after Fabio Ponente in 2015. This year it’s Sans Souci featuring Pearl Andersson.

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Sweet Harmony – The Beloved

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Conscience – The Beloved

Sweet Harmony – Sans Souci feat. Pearl Andersson 02/19/2016

Breaking News: New Website / Music News: Fabio Ponente (2 Fabiola-Dancer)

Magic Music Magazine likes the news that 2 Fabiola Dancer Fabio Ponente is back in the music scene!

After the Comeback Single “Sweet Harmony” (nineties hit for The Beloved”). Fabio is busy with his Golden Girls Leslie Verbist & Fabienne de Leeuw to prepar his show “for all Everyone Who Loves all Kind Off Humanity
Let’s Harmonyzd Peace , Respect and Love” with a phase of his Single “Be As 1”.

Today he launched his website Take a look at his homepage and book him @ PVT Entertainment & Management (I was very surprised to read this, as I really have had a great time 11 years ago in that area of Delft) or TOP Entertainment.

Fabio Ponente

To check how Fabio live will be, come and visit Terrazza, Antwerp next 8 and 9 August, during Pride presented by Sam Verdoodt including a Eurovision-special.

Terazza , Antwerpen, Pride

You can hear his Single and let me know if you prefer this version or the one by The Beloved.

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New Single: Sweet Harmony – Fabio Ponente

Back to the nineties … The best band from Belgium 2 Fabiola makes Europe go dancing with their smashing Europop. While 2 Fabiola will be back with “Rock It” in another line-up. Original dancer Fabio returned solo with a cover of The Beloved Single “Sweet Harmony”.

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