New EP : Cinematography – Bright Light Bright Light

Bright Light Bright Light released his New EP “Cinematography” featuring “Maniac”

Also most Magical female singer in the world Cathy Dennis has her Single “Touch Me” covered by Bright Light Bright Light with a little twist to her “Just Another Dream” on “Cinematography”. This is not the only Cover. All Saints “Pure Shores” and Cyndi Lauper’s “Time After Time” are redone.

Listen 2 Bright Light Bright Light – Discography – Spotify – Playlist.

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MAGIC SPECIAL : Deutschland Sucht Den Superstar : Laura van den Elzen

Deutschland sucht den Superstar-participant Laura van den Elzen released some Singles before she conquers Germany. This is her Music so far:

(Click On The Images, to purchase the Single)

Girls Wanna Have Fun (Cyndi Lauper)

Go Like Elijah (Chi Coltrane) 05/22/2012

Give Me Hope 12/18/2012

Time After Time – Album 05/10/2014

Shine 10/28/2015


(MP3 Single)

Country Love (with Jambalaya Band) 11/28/2015

Listen 2 Laura van den Elzen – Discography – Spotify – Playlist

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