New Single : Bizarre Love Triangle – Sugar For Sugar / New Album : The Time Is Now – Various Artists

Scarlett Johansson and her girls Jlia Haltigan, Holly Miranda and Kendra Morris record a cover of New Order track “Bizarre Love Triangle” for amFAR (Aids Organisation).

The track will be available at “The Time Is Now”, 14 new versions of eighties tracks with Aloe Blacc and his “Billy Jean”. DNCE with their “What’s Love Got To Do With It” and Marian Hill redone “I Wanna Dance With Somebody.

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MAGIC EVENT : Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert – The Musical

Anyone, who see this videoclip dreamed away about Jason Donovan in underwear?

“Especially for you”, he is taking his clothes off during his performances as musicalstar in “Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert” presented by Van Lambaart Entertainment.

Back 2 the 80’s he was one of the sexiest men alive according to the readers of Smash Hits and maybe… he still is, but most of all his voice is still absolutely fabulous.

“Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert – The Musical” has toured around the world, from London, to Sydney, From New York to Stockholm and many more. Now it’s “Finally” Amsterdam!

November 10th, 2015 the famous dragact story about a roadtrip with a bus starts in an almost soldout Theater Carre in Amsterdam. The crowd was not a bunch of hysterical gay people, but just average people, men and women mostly 30-50 years old.

8 PM we were not visitors of a Theatershow anymore, no we were in the middle of a Discoteque with everywhere lightballs spinning around on the famous song “Downtown” (Petula Clark), while Jason Donovan was on stage transforming himself as a drag.

The show really fits the eighties star, I judge very quickly, because, while he was singing songs like “Too Many Broken Hearts” and “Every Day (I Love You More”), people were busy with judging about his sexuality.

“Jason Donovan is GAY versus Jason Donovan is NOT Gay”, lots of people were busy with finding out about his private life, but at the end he got married with a woman and become a father and is it true or false? That is NOT our business. With that in mind, it is incredible when you see a dragactshow about Benji, who has a “Father In Showbusiness” and when he needs to go to bed, he is wondering what his dad is doing. So he is secretly watching an incredible Dragactshow (in full speed!!!) together with his mother Marion (Naomi Slights) and when Mitzi (Jason his character) discovered his son in the audience he is scared about the judgement, but the kid likes his “Funky Dad” and Mitzi felt released.

The show is one big hysterical glitter and glamour circus featuring transsexual Bernadette (Simon Green) and Three men in drag (Adam Bailey, Philip Childs and ofcourse Jason Donovan) plus three beautiful singing diva’s mostly swaying in the sky (Lisa-Marie Holmes, Laura Mansell and Catherine Mort).

The audience enjoyed all the fantastic songs of the past, we all remember “What’s Love Got To Do With It” (Tina Turner), “Don’t Leave Me This Way” (Communards) and as a Bananarama-fan I really liked that they did “Venus” and not refers to Shocking Blue, but to the Official Videoclip of Bananarama with their dancing.

If you say Jason, you say Kylie… so ofcourse Kylie is mingled in the show several times. If I saw it right, I noticed A Kylie-Shirt, Kylie her Neighbours-role Charlene was mentioned and most of all there was a Kylie-Medley featuring “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head” and “Come Into My World”.

According to the response of the audience, I guess the biggest song is ‘Finally” (CeCe Peniston), spontaniously some people stand up and dance.

The lights were amazing, the costumes incredible and it is really worthwhile to see if you are a truly Musical-fan.

Unfortunately Magic Music Magazine was not able to talk to Jason Donovan in person, but maybe another time and if you are more into Boyband Blue. When Jason is not performing, it is “Blue”-boy Duncan James who is on the bus through the desert.

Official website :

Landing (Buy your tickets overhere, until November 22nd they have lots of shows!)

Tonight official World premiere!!!

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The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert [Blu-ray]
Hugo Weaving

Priscilla: Queen of the Desert – CD

Greatest Hits – Jason Donovan – CD

Very Best Of – Jason Donovan – CD

New Album: Sweet Soul Music – The Overtones

The London-based Vocal Harmony band “The Overtones” originally planned to release their new Album “Sweet Soul Music” February 9th, but they wants to make it the best that can be, so they need to have more time and will released their Album at the end on March 2, 2015

Lachie Chapman, Darren Everest, Timmy Matley, Mark Franks and Mike Crawshaw made an YouTube movieclip to seduce you with a snippit of their version of “I Heard It Through The Grapevine”. Preorder the Album featuring the famous “River Deep Mountain High” with special guest Sam Bailey.


NEW ALBUM: Love Songs – Tina Turner

It has been awhile that “Tina Turner” made her comeback once again, but this is the year after her duet “Teach Me Again” with italian pop singer “Elisa”

She has recently released the collection of her biggest hits and named it simply “Love Songs”.

18 tracks are made it and ofcourse “Simply The Best” is just simply the best song. Also “Private Dancer , “‘What’s Love Got To Do With It” and even the song of the beginning of her career “River Deep Mountain High”, duet with her ex-husband Ike are included.

The album is so far most successful in the United Kingdom, where it charts at the 32th place.

Amazon Love Songs - Tina Turner (03-02-2014)

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Which song is simply your best?

Review New Single: Confident – Justin Bieber Featuring Chance The Rapper

Last year “Justin Bieber” told everyone he retired immediately from Popmusicland, so… here is … his new single (quicker comeback than “Cher” and “Tina Turner” made ;-))

I think it is a nice song, but I have heard better ones. Most of all this is a great PR for upcoming talent Chance The Rapper.

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