Review New Album: NXN – Night By Night

Still in love with this song:

But so much more highlights on this 10 track, included the 3 tracks of their EP “Tune Out Of The Static”, that I have talked about a few days ago. Amazing track “Everywhere Tonight” for instance and “if Only”. A huge surprise is the end of a wonderful excellent ballad “Never Die Again”,but after 1 minute and 10 seconds it turns into a great rock song anyway.

Recommended to purchase this album if you like Heavy Metal / Rock.

REVIEW NEW EP : Tune Out The Static – Night By Night

The London-based Melodic Hard Rockband Night By Night has released this evening a wonderful EP called “Tune Out The Static”, with 3 songs from their upcoming album.


The EP starts with “Time To Escape”, a powerful song and also their second song “If Only” is the same kind of stuff with beautiful guitar riffs. Their third song “The Moment has a videoclip and was released last summer.

I think the band, who was described by Rick Savage (Def Leppard) as “Night by Night are without doubt one of the best young bands out there today”, is a band that will become a known band as they rocks and I think lots of Hard Rock-fans will embrace their music. Their influences were Def Leppard, AC/DC, Therapy?, Europe, Judas Priest, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, The Cure , Toto and lots more.

If you want to see the band live, they are performng as support act of one of the best rockbands in history, the swedish rockband Europe in Scandinavia and I bet they will get more fans because of that.

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Eric Benét & Brian McKnight – European Tour 2014

Do you remember Eric Benét? That guy that covered Toto’s”Georgy Porgy” with Faith Evans and once was married with Halle Berry. His 2012 CD “The One” has been re-released this month and I guess it is all because his European Tour with Brian McKnight, we all know him because pf his incredible duet with Vanessa Williams “Love Is”.


Both are travelling for 2 weeks throughout Europe. After Paris, Basel, Manchester and London they were last Thursday at the Melkweg in Amsterdam and I was there.

First 50 minutes Eric with backing singer Miss Jerry B. It was really a big surprise that Eric has such an amazing backing vocalist. She is from England and by the way a man at the keyboards has an incredible voice as well. They did an very interactive show with lots of flirting with the female audience. Songs like “Running” , “Georgy Porgy” and the last “Why You Follow Me” where briljant.

Eric Benet

After a very short break. Brian McKnight arrived and spread the word he is single to drive the women crazier than they already were. If you think it is just an R & B singer, who sang some ballads and look seriously. Than you had it all wrong! He is a truly stand-up comedian, that make a twist out of everything.

He asked a lady to come on stage and sang “Another You”, when she touched his bum, he replies with finishing the song with his hand on her bum.


For the germans, norwegians and swedish people that has the opportunity to go to their concerts the first week in February. Do not hesitate,just go! It is more than worth!

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Eric Benét

Brian McKnight

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