New EP : Who Am I – TRCNG

K-popstars TRCNG is ready for their 2018 sound… this is “Who Am I”, featuring 3 songs “I Am”, “Wolf Baby” and “Utopia”.

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TRCNG – WHO AM I (1st Single Album) CD+Photocard+Postcard+Folded Poster

New EP / Album : Retropia – Imagination ft. Leee John

Leee John impressed with “Retropia” EP featuring 6 New Disco / R&B / Soul tunes like the amazing “Utopia”, “Secrets”. “Do It Right” and “Police And Thieves”, including some help by Don E and Lunaman on 2 remixes of Secrets. The tracks are all in their original format available at the new Album “Retropia”. Really really really recommended!

Enjoy the New Album featuring “Just An Illusion” in a 21st Century Version and lots of more surprises.

Buy the Album, The first 2000 pre-orders come with a signature on the copy and maybe you are not too late yet!

My Best Of Imagination.

My Best Of Leee John.


Retropia – EP 06/02/2017

Retropia – Album 06/09/2017

New Album : Overdrive – Peter Wilson

Someone needs to come up with the first 2017 Album and today Peter Wilson announced that he will release his New Album “Overdrive” next January 2017!

To get in the right mood, listen to his latest Single “Doing What They Said Can’t Be Done” from the “Utopia” Album.

BUY @ AMAZON / ITUNES (Click On The Images)

Doing What They Said Can’t Be Done – Single 02/14/2016

Utopia 08/11/2015

Review New Album: Irrational – Miss Montreal

…and now someone of my Hometown!

There was a song on the radio (as I do not watch reallifesoaps about unknown people like “Utopia”,this song is the intro of this TVshow), that has something special a few weeks ago. It was “Say Heaven, Say Hell”. To me this was the best track I have ever heard of Miss Montreal.

Now she has a full CD released and this track is on it, together with good tracks with the Miss Montreal sound like “Top Of The World” and “Heavy Heart”. Very surprising it the composition of title track “Irrational”. The drumbeat made this song incredible. This must be the second single choice!

Sometimes “Miss Montreal” sounds very rough, but on “Craziest” she sang so soft that this is another highlight.

“Mike Oldfield” has made a beautiful song called “Moonlight Shadow”, as a beautiful end she sang a Live version in a special way, you almost did not recorgnized her voice. Well done!

For more information: (where her Record Company named her Album “I
m A Hunter”,like her 2012 CD. Very confusing ;-).


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