“Pink Pistols”, Swedish answer on American’s Dragact “Willam , Detox Icunt & Vicky Vox”

Last weekend was the second show of Melodifestivalen and it could be that the biggest losers of that show, become the greatest winners throughout Europe during the summer seasons, where Gay Pride events are everywhere.


All eyes where on the outspoken announched participants, that is a combination of 2 gay men and 2 blonde dragqueens and lots of people where shocked that this performance did not make it at one of the highest positions:

I guess they did it so well,with a song that has such a good intro and that they will be invitated for lots of things to show that they are the real swedish answer on american’s dragact Willam, Detox Icunt & Vicky Vox , that are all for participants of RuPaul his Dragrace shows.

The single is out since yesterday and is an composition by Susie Päivärinta, Nestor Geli, Diztord, Joakim Törnqvist och Frost Per Hed. Susie & Diztord has made some other great tracks together including the best song of 2014 so far “Would You Be Mine” (Lili & Susie)

For more information: http://www.facebook.com/pinkpistolsofficial?fref=ts

People can vote for a second time again, is this song hot or not?

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