New Single : Together You & I – Four Kings ft. Sybil

During my Magic Music Magazine-period I get in touch with several New Singles by Sybil, but…. Sybil is NOT Sybil. Spotify loves to make people happy with nothing, but this time, her New Single “Together You & I” is really THE Sybil with her Four Kings.

The original track is by Dolly Parton.

Listen 2 Sybil – Discography – Spotify – Playlist.

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BREAKING NEWS : ABBA, Live On Stage During 50th Anniversary

Yesterday ABBA was back LIVE ON STAGE at Berns, Stockholm. This time they were performing the song “You And I” and not their Eurovision breakthrough “Waterloo” for instance of 1974.

Agnetha Fältskog, Björn Ulvaeus,Benny Andersson & Anni-Frid Lyngstad finally make their longwaited performance at the end of a private party event and Anni-Frid told Expressen Newspaper “This evening was absolutely fantastic. Very much emotion. We have made a journey through our history, especially Benny and Bjorn. It has been very nostalgic”.

ABBA was not the only act that performes that historical day in Music. Swedish popstars Lena Philipsson, Pernilla Wahlgren, Lill-Babs, Peter Jöback, Helen Sjöholm and Tommy Körberg where the lucky ones.

To celebrate not only the music, but also their friendship together. Frida & Agnetha sang “The Way Old Friends Do” for Benny and Björn!

Listen 2 ABBA – Discography – Spotify – Playlist.

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Abba Gold 40th Anniversary


Gold : Greatest Hits (3CD 40th Anniversary Edition)


New Single : Dominique / New Album : Greatest Hits – Anouk

“Birds” singer Anouk will release her “Greatest Hits” very soon, including her Eurovision Songcontest track “Birds” and her latest Single “Dominique”


1.Nobody’s Wife
2.It’s So Hard
5.R U Kiddin’ Me
6.The Dark
13.One Word
14.Good God
15.I Don’t Wanna Hurt


1.Modern World
2.If I Go
3.Three Days In a Row
5.For Bitter Or Worse
6.Killer Bee
7.Down & Dirty
8.I’m a Cliche

11.You & I
12.Places To Go
13.Hold Me (Anouk & Douwe Bob)
14.New Day

14 Singles did not make it to the list. If you do not miss any “Rock Jewel”, listen to Anouk – Discography – Spotify – Playlist.


Greatest Hits – Album 11/06/2015

New Single: Feet On The Ground – Anouk & Nick Romero / New Album: Paradise & Back Again – Anouk

Anouk is back, the singer of “Birds”, during Eurovision Songcontest 2012 (and the background during Traincha’s entry in 2015) with “Paradise & Back Again”, featuring the singles “You & I”, “Wigger”, “Feet On The Ground” with Nick Romero. The latest single is released today as well in an Remix package.


Feet On The Ground – Single

Feet On The Ground – Remixes – Single

BUY @ MAGIC MUSIC MAGAZINE: New Single / EP: YOU AND I – One Direction

Boyband One Direction has released their new Single “You And I”

The tracklist of the EP is:

1 You & I (Radio Edit)
2 You & I (Big Payno Remix)
3 You & I (Duet Version)
4 You & I (Piano Version)

The album “Midnight Memories” included the Single!

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CDSingle 06/03/2014

MP3 Single 05/23/2014

CD 11/25/2013

MP3 Album 11/25/2013

MP3 Deluxe Album

Midnight Memories EP MP3 03/07/2014

(With Live versions of Story Of My Life, Rock Me & C’mon C’mon)

NEW SINGLE: You & I – Anouk

These weeks are lots of Eurovision songcontest-related artists releasing some material and dutch singer Anouk, who participate in Eurovision Songcontest 2013 with her amazing “Birds”, has released today a brand new beautiful song “You & I”.

Maybe you did not expect that this song is written by Anouk AND Afrojack, but Afrojack seems to have more talent than only making dance tunes and surprising collaborations is always a good thing.

For more information:

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