MAGIC EVENTS : Rebel Heart Tour – Madonna

No one does it better than… Madonna, Amsterdam was ready for The Queen Of Pop last weekend!

After a sold-out Saturday concert, Madonna gave the evening we all were waiting for! Crowd with mostly audience around 30-50 (women drinking beer in hotpants and gay men are hysterical screaming to express that they are “Living For Love”) are chilling while Lunice danced 45 minutes on his own mixes. The DJ get boo-ed after 45 minutes white lights on and off and hearing his beats, but that the support act is not very well chosen does it matter. The vibe was very good and were very patience as Madonna starts the show more than one hour too late at 10.08 PM (and I entertained myself with a great 54 year old guy, who really looks 14 years younger, who told me that a friend of him has his 14th Rebel Heart Tour experience) with “Iconic” (including an excellent intro movieclip)

In wonderful China art, Madonna game out her cage to perform together with her entourage “Illuminati” and a new unique Rock version of her “Material Girl” with the latest virtual tricks. She came very close to the audience and bewitched everyone with her magic. if some stairs are coming out the sky in front of the stage. A dancer and Madonna gets intimate in this “Heartbreak City”, where “Love, Don’t Live Here Anymore”.

Let’s get to the “Body Shop” and show some sixpacks. Not only male, but also one of the female dancers shows her sixpack and tits.

What is a Madonna show without crucifix? So let’s climb in the crucifix and dance on the beat “Holy Water” and “Vogue”

Madonna is very updated with what the papers say. Her concert is lots of beats and she danced, but isn’t it better that she stands still?” Day after Madonna stands still for a moment, even the trainproblems do to the delay of her show is mentioned a couple of times. She is one hour later because she needs to prepair and she can try to speed up the show to compensate.

I need to say that Madonna is at her best when she do an Acoustic version of “La Vie En Rose”, she is really a very well singing Superstar and that is a very good provement.

The show is a two hour circus with a dance highlight during “Illuminati”, where dancers almost fell in the sky and in the crowd.

The final is with “Unapologetic Bitch” Johan (Madonna Fan) and ofcourse as usual “Holiday”

If your “Rebel Heart” is beating and do you want to see Madonna live in a spectacular show, with lots more than I have mentioned. Try to be there!

Listen 2 Madonna – Discography – Spotify – Playlist.

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BREAKING NEWS: Dutch Entry Eurovision Songcontest: Trijntje Oosterhuis AKA Traincha!

She started in the band Total Touch and is a member of Ladies Of Soul. Most of all she is a succesful solo-artist. Trijntje Oosterhuis will be participate next year at Eurovision Songcontest featuring Anouk as a Backing Vocalist. The song “Walk Along” she will perform is written by the just mentioned Anouk, we all know her from …

The first time “Walk Along” was on the radio was one day before its release December 11 at Radio 2 and after one week of discussion her artist name won’t be “Traincha”, but just “Trijntje Oosterhuis.

Take a look of her music before she will steal your heart in Austria! (Click On The Image to access AMAZON)


Total Touch – Total Touch 05/06/96

This Way – Total Touch 02/06/98

Trijntje released lots of Solo material with collaborations with other artists. These are the most of the enormous amount of music.


Ken Je Mij – Trijntje Oosterhuis & Leonardo Amuedo 06/23/2008



Never Can Say Goodbye 12/04/2009 – Album – Trijntje Oosterhuis & Leonardo Amuedo

For Once In My Life – Album 12/03/1999



Oosterhuis – Trijntje 03/10/2003



Nu dat jij er bent – Single Trijntje Oosterhuis, Carel Kraayenhof & Janine Jansen 11/12/03

Strange Fruit – Zingt Gershwin & Billie Holiday – Trijntje Oosterhuis & New Sinfonietta – Album 04/12/2004



See You As I Do – Single 19/08/2005

Merry Christmas Baby – Single – Trijntje Oosterhuis Featuring Candy Dulfer 11/28/2005

My Angel / Merry Christmas Baby (Featuring Candy Dulfer) – Single 12/12/2005

See You As I Do 02/20/2006


Do You Know the Way to San Jose – Trijntje Oosterhuis & Metropole Orchestra Single 08/07/2006

The Look of Love – Burt Bacharach Songbook 11/20/2006

Who’ll Speak for Love: Burt Bacharach (16 Track) 12/03/2007


Who’ll Speak for Love – Burt Bacharach Songbook II (15 Track) – Burt Bacharach 12/03/2007


Face In the Crowd – Single Lionel Richie & Trijntje Oosterhuis 07/14/2008

Best of Burt Bacharach Live 11/27/2009


(Korea CD) (2010)


Brief Aan Jou – Single The Opposites & Trijntje Oosterhuis 04/09/2010

This Is the Season 11/19/2010


(Korean CD)


Bloedgabbers – Lange Frans Featuring Trijntje Oosterhuis 10/14/2011

Sundays In New York 11/03/2011



Good Day – Single 11/11/2011

Wereldwijd Orkest (feat. Edsilia Rombley, Trijntje Oosterhuis, Leonie Meijer, 3JS, Jennifer Ewbank, Ruth Jacott, Paul de Munnik, Giovanca, LA The Voices, Hind, Glennis Grace, Karin Bloemen & Lee Towers) – Single (o.l.v Vince Mendoza) – Het Metropole Orkest 11/18/2011


Wereldwijd Orkest

We’ve Only Just Begun 12/02/2011


Wrecks We Adore 04/13/2012



Knocked Out (Sam Sparro Main Mix) – Single 08/24/2012

Walk Along – Single 12/12/2014

The Official Videoclip released on March 12th, 2015!

Traincha is Trijntje her International Artistname and some of her former work has already released under that name! Originally Traincha should be also her name for Eurovision Songcontest, but lots of people complaint about it, so Traincha become Trijntje after the critism.


The Look Of Love: Burt Bucharach Songbook (Korea) – Traincha (2007)


Strange Fruit – Traincha 09/11/2007


Look of Love: Burt Bacharach Songbook 07/08/2008


Who’ll Speak for Love – Burt Bacharach Songbook II – Traincha 07/08/2008

This Girl’s In Love – Single 06/15/2009

This Girl’s in Love (U.K.) – Traincha 06/01/2009


Sundays In New York – Traincha 06/14/2011


This Is The Season – Traincha


As mentioned at the beginning of this post, Trijntje Oosterhuis are member of the group “Ladies Of Soul”, formed by her brother and Total Touch-fellow Tjeerd Oosterhuis featuring longterm friends Candy Dulfer & Berget Lewis. Her sister in law Edsilia Rombley and Glennis Grace.


I’ll Carry You – Single 11/22/2013

Up Till Now – Single 10/09/2014

Live At the Ziggodome 04/11/2014


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